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TEDx U of M Performance

Hey all, here’s the video of the two stripped-down songs we did at TEDx U of M. They’re both new one-off tracks that we put together just for this event, “Not Quite” and “Lizard Tongues.”

It’s Zac on bass, Jonathan on monome + vocals, Garrett on guitar, and our friend Gareth Walters on the MPC + backup vocals. I’d recommend skipping from 4:30 to 6:00 because there’s just an equipment malfunction and a lot of ambient noise that doesn’t go anywhere.

I hope you enjoy it!

MP LP3 Recording Blog 1

I got excited while recording some guitar over at Brian’s and decided to take a little video of what we were up to. I was a little slap happy after 8 hours of recording with out taking a break, so some of the things I said might not make sense.

TEDx U of M

Hey everyone,

We played a couple songs at today’s TEDx event at U of M. We put them together just for this performance, trying to make something that would really work in this particular venue. Our friend Gareth Walters filled in on second sampler, or should I say “Music Production Center.” It was a good time, and we were honored to be a part of it.

I’ll post videos once the TED people edit them together.


P.S. Still working on that third album. ;-)

Live Session at Luxury Wafers

Hey there, hombres and femmehombres,

During the summer we recorded a session at LA’s Luxury Wafers.

MP @ Luxury Wafers

Also, we are writing.

And another also, two short stories by Matt Thompson:
How to Smash Frogs and Otis Redding, Dead in a Plane Crash

“Safe for the Time Being” Slated for MTV Subterranean on-air premier June 26

If you watch MTV Subterranean late at night on Thursday, 6/26
(technically Friday the 27th I think)
you will see the on-air premier of “Safe for the Time Being.”

In the meantime you can watch it smaller RIGHT HERE.

Or even:

Mason Proper - Safe For The Time Being Official Music Video from Dovecote Records on Vimeo.

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